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Representing the Business of Chemistry

The New York State Chemistry Council is a statewide trade association that serves as the premier voice on chemicals, environmental, and health and safety issues that impact on chemical companies and the industry at large in New York. We serve our members by providing legislative and regulatory advocacy, information, counsel and support, as well as help them respond to the initiatives and concerns of elected officials, regulators and community groups.

Legislative, Advocacy and Regulatory Issues

NYSCC represents member companies and the chemistry industry before the New York State Legislature, government agencies and regulatory bodies.  We meet with decision-makers to promote science-based policies and advocate for policies that promote innovation, health and safety, sustainability, and a competitive business environment.


To learn more about NYSCC's positions on specific legislative proposals, please contact Erin DeSantis, Director of Government Relations at 518-426-9516 or

Legislative Links 

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul
Governor Kathy Hochul (D) is the 57th Governor of New York. She took office on January 1, 2023. Her  current term ends in 2027

New York State Senate
There are 63 seats in the Senate. During the 2021 Legislative Session,  43 will be held by Democrats and 20 will be held by Republicans. 

Senators and Committees 

New York State Assembly
During the 2023 Legislative Session, Democrats will hold 106 seats; Republicans  will hold 43 seats; Independents will hold 1 seat. 

Members of the Assembly

Assembly Leadership and Committees

Legislative Events


January 11- 14, 2023
Governor Kathy Hochul presented a week-long vision for the state

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