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The New York State Chemistry Council is a statewide trade association that serves as the premier voice on chemicals, environmental, and health and safety issues that impact chemical companies and the industry at large in New York. We serve our members by providing legislative and regulatory advocacy, information, counsel and support, as well as help them respond to the initiatives and concerns of elected officials, regulators and community groups.

Did you know New York's chemical industry...

  • Is the largest manufacturing industry in the state at $27.8 B.

  • Invests $1.1 B to build and update equipment and facilities.

  • Is the 8th largest chemistry producing state in the nation.

  • Provides 37,412 direct jobs and 30,113 related jobs. 

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Latest News

Public Meeting on 1,4-Dioxane Limits for Household Cleansing, Personal Care, and Cosmetic Products 

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation cordially invites you to attend two virtual public meetings, via Webex, on 1,4-Dioxane Limits for Household Cleansing, Personal Care, and Cosmetic Products. The first virtual public meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 10:00 am. DEC will present topics for discussion related to the implementation of the recently enacted law establishing limits on the amount of 1,4-dioxane that can be present in these products.  


The second virtual public meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 2:00 pm and will allow stakeholders to discuss the information presented in the first meeting. 


If interested in attending these virtual public meetings registration is required. Information about the law as well as meeting and registration details are available on DEC's website


Questions can be directed to or Emily Dominiak at 518-402-8706. 

Upcoming Events


Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 10am

Best Practices in Evaluating Environmental Compliance and Permitting Obligations for Changes at a Chemical Facility

    Presented by Brian Noel and Ellen Hewitt of Trinity Consultants 


Chemical Facilities are constantly undergoing changes.  

This presentation will provide case studies for changes occurring at chemical facilities and the practical methodologies utilized to determine the impact on Title V permitting and Federal Regulations.  Facility changes can trigger many questions including, will emissions are impacted, the effect on notifications, potential triggering of NSPS or MACT standards, does retest need to be completed, etc. 



Topics will include:
* Best practices for performing environmental review

- Key terms, probing questions, and real-world examples
- Identifying what changes have impact on environmental requirements
- Common mistakes or gaps in MOC processes

Register or email Erin DeSantis at with the subject line 'Webinar'


Wednesday, January 22, 2020 
New York State Chemistry Council Annual Meeting 
Breakfast 7:45 a.m.; meeting begins at 8:15 a.m. 
The Albany Room, Empire State Plaza Concourse
Albany, NY 12207
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Register or email Erin DeSantis at

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